ECE Group Services

ECE Group Services Ltd is an
established provider of
Specialist cleaning, maintenance and facility support
services to clients throughout the UK
ECE Group Services

Benefits of Working With ECE
- Customer Focused

- Health and Safety Focused

- Environmentally Aware

- Specialised Technicians

- Cost effective
ECE Group Services

Ozone Division
Ozone is the most powerful steriliser in the world
ECE Group Services

Ventilation Division
Delivering a safe and efficient service
ECE Group Services

Specialist Division
Delivering a range of specialist cleaning tasks
ECE Group Services

Pest Control Division
Offering flexible solutions to eradicate pests in commercial and industrial facilities

ECE Group Services Ltd

We are an established provider of specialist cleaning, maintenance and facility support services to clients throughout the UK, click here to find out more about us.

Our accreditations

ECE Group Services Ltd is dedicated to ensuring that the highest practicable standards of Health, Safety & Welfare is achieved in respect of the products and services that we deliver.

Our work

Customer testimonials

UNITE Students

In one of our student accommodation buildings in Portsmouth, odours from the refuse store travel into our main lift lobby.Using traditional air fresheners partially covered the odours but as the scent faded it would quickly return.Despite its small size the Ozofresh Plug-in was able to remove the odour within 10 minutes and prevent it from returning.Its portability has allowed us to move it to locations throughout our buildings to remove odours from spillages in corridors and stairwells.I would highly recommend this product to businesses that need to efficiently remove odours.

Nicky Greaney

Housekeeping Supervisor

Haling Park Care Home, South Croydon

The Ozofresh PlugIn works quickly and effectively, its lightweight and is suitable for our care home, as we can leave the Ozofresh plugged in within the bedrooms or communal areas.As such, the housekeeping team of the home are still able to go and clean elsewhere which is very helpful and convenient.As the Ozofresh PlugIn has a 4 minutes on/4 minutes off self-timer, we don’t need to worry about going back to the area and when there is an over-powering smell the self-timer helps this by eliminating the bad odours and replaces with a natural fresh air within no time at all.It is exactly what we as a care home have been looking for.We are very pleased with the Ozofresh PlugIn and would highly recommend it.

Housekeeping Supervisor

Darwin Escapes Bath Mill

I wanted to thank you again for your support over the last few years. I think your product is fantastic and only today were we saying exactly that- we had two lodges with bad odours which usually would have meant lodge swaps and lots of admin, with the ECE machine this was resolved within the hour. I will continue to recommend your products and look forward to working with you again.

William Pascoe

General Manager


ECE Group Services Ltd provide an exceptional service to my FM contract held at Engie in Hampshire. Their customer service, professionalism, expertise in the field is a cut above the rest. We are a demanding customer to them and they are ever accommodating to a changing environment as well as changing plans at very short notice. I don’t believe there is another company out there to match their skills, their competitive rates and their performance. They are my go to contractor on a number of key service lines

Travis Birtwhistle

Account Manager


ECE have been providing periodical building cleaning at Westquay for many years both externally and internally. The quality of cleaning and service is very high, the team are very professional and no task is too difficult. I would recommend ECE to anyone who requires outstanding service and a quick response to their needs.

Glenn Yates

Cleaning Manager

Darwin Escapes

Darwin Escapes are delighted to be working with ECE Group Services Ltd to support our portfolio of Luxury Lodge retreats, Resorts and Spas with specialist support services. I have been extremely impressed with their excellent approach to account management and customer focussed values. ECE have introduced us to an innovative approach to odour control through the provision of their Ozone technology. The applications are used by our housekeeping teams to quickly and effectively eradicate unwanted odours in our accommodation. What is even better for us is the knowledge that the technology is environmentally friendly and is safe for both staff & guests. The introduction of these air purifiers has led to a significant reduction in guest complaints, less compensation pay-outs and no loss of revenue through having to take units off line. In addition to the units used by the housekeeping teams, we have also introduced fixed units into communal wash room areas. Again, we have been impressed with the results and the fact that they have produced cost savings for the business is a welcome bonus! I would recommend ECE Group Services Ltd for specialist facility support services.

Mark Kennedy

Head of Commercial Procurement & Developments


We recently had ECE on site to carry out essential high level cleaning activities in relation to food safety standards and BRC – the service provided was fantastic and the technical report matched the quality of service provided. I also got a free bit of advice on pest control as we were being overrun by spiders!

All in all – I would not hesitate to recommend ECE.

John Webb

General Manager

St Modwen

I've worked with ECE Cleaning over the last 3 years. I’ve always found them to provide a good service at good value as well as keeping me fully updated with their works. They can overcome any cleaning task no matter how complex and will not compromise on safety. I would recommend them to anyone looking to undertake specialist or high level cleaning tasks on their sites

Tony Parrott

Centre Manager

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