'Delivering a range of specialist cleaning tasks, promoting the latest equipment techniques and products to offer a bespoke solution.'

ECE's pioneering Specialist Services Division provides a range of services nationally, backed by 30 years' experience and continuous training. Our proactive, thorough and transparent approach means client's benefit from in-depth reporting that keeps them up-to-date and importantly, keeps them compliant, where needed. Offering a reliable and quality service, our highly vetted teams ensure the protection of lives and safety at all times, all without compromising on the quality of our work. We manage client's projects efficiently and expertly and alongside, monitor performance and analyse client's feedback to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction are achieved.

Using the latest innovative equipment, we are constantly developing our technology and processes to meet our client's expectations and to ensure continued effectiveness and efficiency and essentially to protect our clients' assets.

Clean and healthy internal environments boost staff efficiency; productivity and morale, whilst clean external environments preserve the very fabric of a business’ assets, especially over the longer term. It’s about the impression you give to your staff, the wider public, suppliers and guests to your premises, wherever they may be.


Contact us for

High Level Cleaning
Through Abseiling, WFP methods & MEWP.

Cladding Cleaning
To fascia, canopies, exterior walls, glazing, brickwork, soffits, glazed turrets.

Pressure/Soft Washing
Jet Washing to any type of surface using latest technology.

Graffiti/Steam Cleaning
Removing Graffiti using our Eco friendly stone renovation technique.

Solar Panel Cleaning
Maximise the efficiency and potential of your solar panels.

Gutter Cleaning
Removal of debris using our specialist SkyVac. Inaccessible areas can be accessed via MEWP.

Carpet Cleaning
Deep cleans in all Sectors.

Window Cleaning
Traditional and water fed pole method.

Reactive/incident cleaning
Bodily fluids, sharps, drugs, flood/fire damage.

Grounds Maintenance
Hedge Cutting, Grass Cutting, Trelling and Weed Control.

If you'd like to find out more about how specialist works, then please contact us